Mountain & Outdoor

Welcome to our Mountain & Outdoor collection! Discover high-quality gear and apparel for your adventures in nature. Whether it's hiking, Nordic walking, or trail running, we offer a wide selection of products from renowned brands known for quality and functionality.

Hiking – Our Selection of Hiking Gear

Choose from top-of-the-line hiking boots by Aku, Asolo, Meindl, and Teva, crafted for supreme comfort and steadfast support on your journey. Complement your ensemble with resilient rucksacks from Deuter and Lowe Alpine, and trust in Leki hiking poles to guide your strides. Prepare for an unforgettable excursion amidst nature’s grandeur.

Nordic Walking – On the Go with Top Brand Products

Elevate your Nordic walking regimen with Olang’s purpose-built footwear, offering unwavering stability and optimal traction. Immerse yourself in the outdoor spirit with Montura's exceptional outdoor attire and accessories, each piece engineered for comfort and function. Unleash your energy in the great outdoors, equipped with gear that meets the demands of the open trail.

Trail Running – Our Selection of Trail Running Equipment

Navigate the trails with fervor and finesse, wearing trail running shoes from esteemed brands like Asics, Hoka, and Saucony, designed to tackle varying terrains with superior traction. Enhance your gear with premium trail running apparel from Löffler and accessories from Patagonia to achieve peak performance and ensure safety on your runs through challenging terrain. Set out to exceed your limits and revel in the thrill of the trail run.