Winter Sports

Welcome to your ultimate winter sports destination! Embrace the season with our handpicked selection of premium winter gear. Whether carving down the slopes, gliding on ice, or sledding through powdery trails, we offer an array of ski wear, protective helmets, crystal-clear goggles, and more. Our shop features the finest from trusted brands, ensuring quality and functionality for an exceptional winter experience.

Ski Wear

Equip yourself for the slopes with our distinguished collection of ski apparel from Helly Hansen, Rehall, EA7, and Chiemsee. Featuring chic ski jackets, functional ski trousers, and cozy base-layer shirts, our selection provides all you require for a splendid day amidst the snow. Our offerings blend technological innovation with unparalleled comfort, ensuring your complete immersion in the skiing adventure.


Prioritize your safety with elite helmets from Uvex, renowned for their superior protection and avant-garde design. Catering to skiers, snowboarders, and sledding enthusiasts alike, Uvex helmets ensure you make a statement on the slopes while keeping safety paramount.


Experience clarity in all conditions with our advanced ski goggles from Uvex. Beyond providing essential UV protection, they feature anti-fog technology to maintain an unobstructed view of the wintry landscape. Their modern aesthetics and cutting-edge features make them indispensable for snow-bound thrill-seekers.

Cross-Country Ski Wear

For the avid cross-country skier, our collection from Löffler offers the ultimate in performance attire. From aerodynamic jackets to ventilated trousers and snug gloves by Roeckl, our gear supports your endurance on the trails.


Enjoy fun in the snow with the high-quality sleds from Gasser and Kathrein, known for their agility and chic design. Crafted for speed and memorable winter moments, our sleds deliver on performance and fun.

Ice Skates

Effortlessly dance across the ice with Roces skates, balancing elegance and engineering for an impeccable skating experience. Suited for novices and seasoned skaters alike, Roces skates are your ticket to glacial poetry in motion.

Snowboarding Gear

Take to the snow with confidence using our snowboarding equipment from Helly Hansen and Rehall. Outfitted with our snowboarding jackets, pants, and gloves, you're ready for the adrenaline rush. With gear that's as resilient as it is stylish, you'll stand out while carving up the slopes.

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